The Tecumseh Maple Leaf

  • Jan. 29, 1931 to Jan. 23, 1958
  • # of Issues scanned: 1,370
  • # of Pages scanned: 10,685
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    Founded by Senator Joseph-Henri-Gustave Lacasse, The Maple Leaf, or La Feuille d'Érable, was a weekly newspaper that covered the news of the week for French Canadians in Tecumseh and the broader region of Essex County. Lacasse wrote under various pseudonyms. In the "English Page" in the first edition of The Maple Leaf, the newspaper's goals were described:

    The paper is still a baby in its cot, but it is determined, as its career makes its circle, to be an ardent advocate of racial understanding, religious freedom and good-for-the-gander-good-for-the-goose relationship among all humans.

    Lacasse was an advocate of Francophone education in Ontario and could be highly critical of other newspapers, especially The Border Cities Star, nearby Windsor's daily newspaper.